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Writing Performing Recording! These are my classes

Friday morning, we found out that the 8 artists will be preforming with a band this Thursday, and that the executives get to fight it out for who goes when. I told my manager, Joe, that I needed a week to write something new. He took care of that for me. It is so funny, weird, and cool having a manager.

I spent the weekend getting to know my classmates and writing. I wrote some with my roommate Whitney, finished a song with my roommate Meredith, and wrote a little bit with my manager Joe.

We found out that we had “Demo Derby” on Tuesday. Demo Derby means, that each of us have 30 minutes, a tech, and our manager, and had to record 5 demos top to bottom, to be reviewed by the professors.

So, when Tuesday came, I recorded a demo of “Sail Away,” “Be My Girl (extended version),” and “Open Up Your Eyes” as my old songs, and “24 (which is a song I started with my sister Kiana, and finished with my roommate here, Meredith) and “Places We’ll Go” which I wrote over the weekend.

I think I am going to Perform “Places We’ll Go,” and “Open Up Your Eyes” for the show next Thursday.

Wednesday, we had some roommate fun.

From Left to Right in this scared/surprised pic: Karissa(artist), Me, Meredith (artist), Rose (Exec), AJ (Exec), Whitney (Exec)

Thursday, I got to sit back and watch an amazing show! There are so many talented artists here! Here are some pics, names, and musical descriptions…

Maxine Peters (TSwift Pop)

Michael Thomas (Maroon 5 Jazzypop)

Karissa Klauser (Evanescence Rock)

Dan Alle (Dashboard Confessional Alternative)

Stephanie (Martina McBride Country)

Meredith (Contemp/Christian)

Ashley (Brooke Fraser)

Zach (talented likeable songwriter?)

The show was awesome. Some people were easy to compare to other people, others weren’t.

After the show, the after party had some good music, and hung out. But, it was not a dancing environment. So, a bunch of us decided to go clubbin’.

Here is our girl pic we took on our way out.

From left to right: Rose, AJ, Karissa, Meredith, Myself, Ashley, AnnaMarie, Amanda, Whitney, and Stephanie.

This week has gone by so fast I can’t believe how much has happened, and that it is already Friday again.

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