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3 Years Ago

It has officially been 3 years since the evening I pulled up to Nashville in my CRV as a fresh college graduate ready to start my life in Nashville. I remember the night clearly. I arrived around 6pm on Saturday May 19th, 2012, and went straight to a house show. A house show where I would be inspired, intimidated, and find a whole web of people just like me. Through the show I made friends, and was invited to go to a new church Sunday morning. The next morning I made my way to Journey Church. I saw people I knew was instantly connected to the youth ministry, and was invited to this thing called Sunday Funday. Not knowing much about it, I just showed up. It was at this big house, there were tons of people and food, and music. It was kind of like a writer’s round where everyone would gather around and a guitar would be passed and all of these talented people would play songs they wrote and other people would join in on other instruments. Then it turned out all these friends hung out together all the time and did really cool adventures. It was an amazing summer. I released my EP Love and Fate, had Artists passes to Bonnaroo, was in my cousin’s wedding, recorded often,every day was an adventure.

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