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Today I am 25 and I am excited. As the day approached, I was worried I would hit some sort of small quarter life crisis as people often do. But instead I am empowered. I woke up and thought back on the quarter of a century I have now been alive. I have accomplished so much. I have learned another language, lived in multiple countries, attained many degrees, moved to a new state, have multiple cd’s of original music on itunes, found not just one, but many passions. And, and, I spend a good chunk of this first quarter being a baby and learning how to walk and talk and stuff! If I can accomplish this much in just my first quarter, imagine what the next three will hold. I even have so many amazing friends that I had three separate birthday celebrations to see them all! I live a blessed life and am filled with gratitude. In conclusion, cheers to the next quarter, may it be even better than the last!

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