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Woke Up in South Dakota to Play a Show in Denver That Night

After our Mt.Rushmore band pics, we ran into our funny Israeli friends again. Then we hopped back in the car to rush to Denver. In Denver awaited our fellow singer/songwriter piano and B3 playing friend Karissa Klauser. We had a show at Quixote’s True Blue, but needed to get to Karissa in time for a quick band practice.

But first, we stopped in Glendo, Wyoming for some lunch. The town is so small that it has its own shared WIFI.

We stopped at Micke’s Family Resturant…What a Place.

Then we made it to Denver and met up with Karissa who we wish was with us all along!

This place is sooo cool!

It was a cool venue, nice owner, fun night. We did not have the largest audience, but promoting ourselves is something we are learning along the way…

Tonight was also our first time with a bassist that we did not know beforehand. That was an interesting experience, and we are going to have to do again…Next time we will send our MP3s and complete charts sooner… Basically there is a ton of fun and learning going on.

After show phonebooth band pic.

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