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What Better To Do On Spring Break, Than Hang Out With Your Professors?

Today started out with pancakes, followed by another Vinyl Brunette day out. We decided to spend the day in downtown Franklin. We almost left without Joe because he was sleeping, but then we decided that we are now some sort of family, and we needed all five of us to go on our adventures. So, we went back for him.

Downtown Franklin is so awesome. For those of you that live in Orange County, it looks like Old Town Orange. For those of you who do not live Orange County, Old Town Orange is where the beginning of the movie THAT THING YOU DO was filmed. And, For those of you who love the movie THAT THING YOU DO, my songwriting professor, Rick Elias, is the guy who wrote the majority of the soundtrack….

After downtown Franklin, we ended up at what is now becoming out usual park, Granny White Park.

There we listened to good music, talked, ate ice cream, napped and climbed trees.

This eventually led to taking family portraits.

After the park, we are off to BBQ with out professors, because even though spring break was only 5 days, we already missed them, and we think they missed us too…I mean why else would they invite us over? Right?

Rick starting up the BBQ

And the fam pics continue.

After dinner we all talked music and played Wii, and then the director of CMC, Warren came in and said, “Hey kids, do you wanna see my helicopter? ” We did, so we went off to the park.

A few words about warren. First of all, after we watched him fly the helicopter he built, he gave us an explanation of how it works. By the end of the explanation there was a large crowd of people that we did not know that just came to listen because Warren is THAT CAPTIVATING.

But most importantly, Warren knows exactly how to find the perfect moment in a conversation to blow everyone’s minds. Example: Vinyl Brunette and Professor Rick Elias were talking about music, and bad music getting more attention than good music. We started discussing Rebecca Black. Then at a lull in the conversation, Warren says, “I think you guys are confusing a news moment for a music moment.” We ask what he means and he explains a news moment as a volcano, a court case, or the Friday Friday music video. It is something we discuss at lunch one day and forget the next. But a music moment, is a ground breaking performance by Elton John. Rebecca Black is not a music moment, just a news moment.

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