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Welcome to California…Well, Slab City

So I planned a show at one of my favorite places in the world, Slab City. It is located near Niland, Ca, which is basically, the middle of the desert. It is hard to describe, some know it because of the movie “Into the Wild.” It is a campsite of sorts made up of free land. The land used to be a military base, so there are cement slabs everywhere; hence the name Slab City. People live there in trailers, campers, and old buses. Most of the electricity is solar powered, or by generator. There are some interesting people that live there, and I fall more in love every time I go. This time was my 6th Slab City adventure.

Coming straight from Vegas, we are all kind of messy and grease ball lookin.

School friends came out and surprised me at the show!

The Venue is called The Range. The power went out 3 times. It was amazing. In the center of this pic is the world’s best hula hooper!

After the show we went to a couch burning. What’s a couch burning you ask? You burn a couch; and after it burns, there’s nothing left. It was pretty cool.

The next morning we went to Salvation Mountain. Here we are fake painting.

And even better fake paint fighting.

The creator of Salvation Mountain, Leonard Knight.

Next stop, Orange County.

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