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Weekend @ Mercy Lounge

This weekend I went to two shows, two nights in a row, at the same venue, Mercy Lounge. It is a pretty cool venue close to downtown Nashville. Night 1, Friday, we went to Joshua Radin and Anya Marina.

My friend Meredith and I are almost 21….Almost.

I heard about Anya about a year ago when I stumbled upon her awesome cover of “Whatever You Like” by TI.

Whatever You Like <<<Click here to listen!

I enjoyed Anya’s performance, but I wished she could have played with a full band. Before moving to Nashville, most of my favorite music was acoustic. Now, after just a few weeks here, my appreciation for full band arrangements has grown immensely. My friends and I have also started to become music critics. After we have experienced being critiqued for our performances, and have watched our friends get critiqued, we have learned what it takes to put on a good show. So, now, when we watch a show we hear our professors’ voices in our minds, telling us what is wrong with every performance. But is the magic of live music lost? We hope not.

Next up was Joshua Radin. I love his soft voice, and soothing music, but in a warm, dimly-lit venue, it was like one hour long lullaby. Still fun though.

After the show, we met Anya Marina and were able to talk to her for a while. She was really nice and funny.

The next night, some friends and I went to a Dr. Dog concert, also at Mercy Lounge.

The night started with the band Buried Beds, a fun, upbeat, indie rock band.

Next, was The Head and The Heart. We had never heard of them before, but instantly fell in love. As I have been discovering what I want to sound like, I have had to describe it by referencing multiple bands. Now, I feel that I can accurately say that I want to be the female lead version of The Head and The Heart.

Here is a link to one of my favorite songs by them!

We were a little about whether or not Dr. Dog (who we love) would be as good as his opener. They were. They even brought their own stain glass backdrops for the show. You can kind of see them in my crappy iphone pic.

The Ark <<<click to hear an awesome Dr. Dog song.

Great music, great weekend.

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