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We Played At Musica in Akron, Ohio…Then We Did The World's Worst Pack Job

This morning we woke up at Deanna’s house. It became clear to Whitney and I that we should, scratch that, needed to live in a house of muscian and artists. It is perfect because artists know how to decorate a house and the musicians keep the music coming, while the art is created. It’s genius.

So we got ready and went to Musica.

We took some band pics.

And then we played some music.

It was a really fun show. We opened for The White Pines. The told us they liked our music, but they had some advice to bring our band to the next level. “GET WEIRDER.”

After that, Joe’s dad took some of our equipment in his car so we would have more room in the car. Usually, Joe is in charge of the packing, because he is a Tetris wiz, but while he was talking to family and friends, Chris, Whitney, and I packed the car. Somehow we ended up with much MUCH less room than usual with about half the amount of things. Then we were all fired from packing the car.

We ended the night with some quality TV shows, Swamp People, and The Alaskan Taxidermist show.

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