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Then We Had A Day Off Before We Really Left For The Road…This Day Shall Be Forever Referred To


Lake day began with a tour meeting at school where we discussed how yesterday’s show went. The reason we had the day off is because Lipscomb College is in Nashville, so, after we were all able to sleep in our own beds, and pick up everything we forgot. It was great!

After the meeting, Alex, Evan, Joe, Ash, and I went out to lunch at Chipotle. There Ash and I were asked if we were sisters. Together, we replied, “No, but we’re in a band.”

Then we went to go get Evan’s subs repaired at this guys awesome home repair shop. This led us to a crappy lake. But then, We found an awesome lake! ALL THESE PICS ARE OFF MY IPHONE

Bro pic.

Ash and Alex on the beautiful lake, looking unhappy.

Joe and I looking happy, and stuck in a desert.

Joe and I in a sunglasses reflection shot.

We sat around, talked, skipped rocks, it was like a family vacation.

And here, your typical family lake camping trip photo.

We then wandered around by Vanderbuilt University, and went to dinner at MCDOUGAL’S CHICKEN! It is amazing and I highly recommend it.

What a wonderful vacation day off!

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