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The Road to Nashville

It’s that time again. I am off on a new adventure. 2010 was the year of travel. 2011 is the year of music. I am on my way to Nashville, TN for a semester at The Contemporary Music Center. I am driving my car packed full of instruments, all the way from Orange County, and picking up a few friends along the way.

My first stop was Palm Springs, CA where I picked up my first road trip accomplice, Holly Hunt.

Next, Holly and I went to my favorite place, Slab City. There, we talked with the creator of Salvation Mountain, Leonard Knight. We also hunted down a few old friends from past Slab City adventures.

Then, we stopped in Tucson, AZ; Las Cruces, NM; Fort Stockton, TX;  and had some great and random adventures.

When we stopped at a border patrol check in El Paso, the officer asked, “where are ya movin?” ( being that my car was packed to the brim with stuff.)  I replied, “Nashville…” Then he asks (semi-jokingly,) “are you gonna be a singer?” I shyly replied,”Yes?”  He then said, “ no need to be embarrassed, you can be a singer.” I lauged and we drove off. I have never told anyone seriously im moving to Nashville to b a singer. I felt like a I had suddenly joined a secret club with everyman an woman who have ever said, “hey I am moving to Nashville, and im gonna make it.” It felt silly and scary at the same time.

In Bryan, we stayed with my amazing Texan friend Brice Cagle who I met in Costa Rica. And there we picked up our third member o the road trip party, Mari Galle. From Bryan, we drove to Dallas to see the Aggies play at the Cottonbowl!

From Texas we went to Jackson, Mississippi and Auburn, Alabama, both with the most wonderful southern bell, who I also met in Costa Rica, Taylor Baronich.

Then we stopped in Huntsville, Alabama. Unbeknownst to us, 3 blocks from the famous YouTube video sensation, “bed intruder.”

Then we finally made it to Nashville!!! Our first night in town I preformed at an open mic night at Mickey Roo’s Texas Style BBQ.

The following day we ran into some people we met at Mickey Roo’s and they recognized us.

Saturday January 15th was move in day. It was also the day I had to say goodbye to my wonderul friends who went on this adventure with me, carried my instruments inside every night (so they didn’t get too cold,) and drove endless ours across the county, just for fun.

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