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The Road to Mt. Rushmore

10 hours in the car. We all went a little crazy. We listened to Chris sing guitar solos that none of us can sing. We poked, slapped, and hit each other with zip ties. We ate jellybeans off the car floor.

At night as we got close to the Mt. Rushmore area we called the campground to see if they had any sites available. The lady on the other end laughed. Told us it was below 30 degrees and that we would be much better off renting a cabin. So we did.

We still spent a good while outside by a campfire, but when it was time to sleep, we had a heated room with nice comfy beds.

We highly recommend this place. Everyone that works there is awesome.

One of my favorite preparation for a picture pictures.

Our cabin.

Somebody went hunting before we woke up.

On the road again.

Front seat.

Back seat.

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