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The Rehersal Room…We Spend At Least An Hour A Day In Here…So It's About Time To Sho

The rehearsal room is a small soundproof room near the stage. It gets pretty crowded in here. And this week we are using In ear monitors for the show…so its even more hectic than usual…O and we have two less days to practice because of the (much needed) retreat.

I am not very good at candids…but I’m working on it

Also, this week the band has switched up a little…our much loved lead guitarist, Alex Kruser, had to go home for family matters this week 🙁 he is missed….

so…for this week, we have Chris Murphy, on lead guitar…

AND our professor Tom Willett on bass!!!!

We also have switched drummers…Our new drummer is Evan Scott… creator of the website!

Now, you have seen, the rehearsal room….

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