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The Quest For the Best Tamale Place From Chris's Childhood

When Chris decided to come on this tour one of the first things he said was, “when we get to Colorado, we HAVE to go to the world’s best tamale place I went to as a kid.”

Once we actually got to Colorado and asked his family friends what it was called. It was called Dorothy’s Tamales. It was about 2 hrs off course on the road to the Grand Canyon, but we had to go. So we set out on our quest for Dorothy’s Tamales.

It began with drinking Coor’s in the Rockies.

The failure of a jumping pic.

Artsy graffiti band pic.

Then, there it was, the place we drove about 2 hrs out of the way for. CLOSED.

So we mourned, only to find it moved two miles down the road.

They were the best tamales I have ever tasted.

And suddenly we were in the snow. And like any Orange County girl, I said, “let’s pull over and play in the snow.” We did, but for some reason no one seemed excited.” Then I realized, they are all from the midwest. They only pulled over to humor me. 

But  since we were pulled over, the guys decided to pump each others legs… aka get all of the tamale gas out before we got back in the car. It was a bit weird, but I guess it was a good thing.

At night, we finally got to Four Corners. It was closed. So we were unable to actually be in four states at once. But we took a quick break next to it to lay on the ground and look at the beautiful starlit sky. Then we kept on driving.

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