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The Final Days of the Summer Tour

After Whitney left on Wednesday night, the end of the  adventures with Chris and Joe would follow shortly.

Wednesday night we had a celebration with friends at my house which turned into a slumber party.

Thursday we spent most of the day at the beach, and turned comical shades of red.

Then we had In-N-Out for dinner.

After In-N-Out we tried to chase the sunset… Here’s why…There may have been a moment in my life, long ago, when I forgot that the sun set everywhere, and not just over the ocean in California. It just feels so right to see it sink into the ocean. I understand, that it is not literally falling into the ocean, but I wanted to show them how beautiful it is and how the beauty may cause one to forget that it sets everywhere else.

Another important topic of discussion: saying “the” before a freeway name. Ex. “The 5” or “The 405.”

Apparently, in other states you just say: “I’m getting on 65” or “I-65” not “the 65”. In California, we say “the” with our freeway names. Maybe because it makes us sound important, I’m not sure, but it is the norm. This has been a lively debate over the past week. Here is a clip from 30 Rock to add to the discussion.

That’s that.

Now on to Friday the 13th. We had our last breakfast, returned an amp, and headed to the airport. There I dropped off Chris and Joe. It was really sad because not only will they be far away, but tour is over, CMC is over, and I don’t know where life will take me next, or who’s paths will cross again.

Here is our last picture.

Tour was amazing, CMC was life changing, I met some amazing people, and made some memories I’ll have forever. It’s only May and I can’t even believe what has happened so far this year. 

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