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The debut of "Hope" and "Street Sings and Yellow Lines"

Last night’s show was so fun! Not only did we play two new songs, and have our Professor, Tom Willett on bass, we also surprised everyone with our other professor, Warren Pedditt, on accordion!

Here I am getting on stage…

The accordion beings…

Here is Tom in his awesome attire…….and Warren our surprise guest musician…It was awesome

And here we are…Chris, Joe, Evan, Me, Warren, Tom, and Jalissa

Shot from backstage…

Here are a few of our wonderful techs Jacob, Candice, and Joe Fensler

Manager/Artist Pic / Now Co-writer Pic !                                 AND The Lovely Jalissa!

Some of my fellow singer/songwriters Whitney, Karissa, AnnaMarie, and Ashley

And for tonight’s after party…Breaking into Karissa’s car….goodtimes

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