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Spent the Night in the Car in Flagstaff to Go to the Grand Canyon and We Couldn't Even Find It

So Last night we slept in the car in Flagstaff, AZ. Not the safest place. And everyone walks around late in Sombreros? O wait, it was Cinco De Mayo and we just for got.

But really, Joe looked up the crime rate and didn’t tell us; it wasn’t good. Nonetheless we made it through the night, of course without any sleep.

We brushed out teeth in a parking lot and drove to Grand Canyon National Park.

There we got out to go see the Grand Canyon. There were signs everywhere, but none led to the actual canyon. So, there we were, in Grand Canyon National Park, unable to find the Grand Canyon. I mean, its a pretty big canyon; how hard can it be to find?

Then after a long search….it was found.

And we rejoiced.

Then we looked at it for a bit

and took some photos.

Then we climbed out on a ledge, laid on our stomaches and peered over the edge. (I don’t think you are supposed to do that, but it was really cool.)

Then we looked some more.

Then we got tired of looking, and straight up tired from not sleeping and took a nap. (I love this pic because rarely do you see pictures of people sleeping and looking away from one of God’s finest creations.)

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