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Sometimes Musicans Need a Day Off Too…

The past 3 days we have been on retreat in Gatlinburg,TN. Now I know you are thinking, “Aren’t you guys always on retreat? I mean, you play music everyday!” And yes, that is a valid point, but since we play music 24/7 a music break was in order.

So….we took a long drive, and got some sleep…

Then we went to the world’s most awesome cabin and just hung out….it was amazing

We all found a new obsession….BANANAGRAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a heated bananagramming battle between Ashley Wright, Joe Casey, Karissa Klauser, and myself

And then we played some catchphrase!

Then we took some vans into town…little did we know we soon be stranded in a rainstorm….

Here we are, chillen, no instruments, just vans, and a cabin, and friends….

Okay, so maybe there was a little bit of music….we can’t help it..

It was a much needed break, and after 2.5 days…we were all ready to play some more music….

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