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Somehow I went from 1st Class Direct Flight, to Waiting Overnight in Vegas Waiting for a Redeye

I know everyone has horror stories of their wasted day at the airport, but here’s mine. Basically, I got to LAX, got on my plane, was upgraded to first class….then, they asked us to deboard for a quick maintenance issue. Then we waited for two hours. Then the flight was canceled online but they did not inform us in person. Then I stood in the customer service line for an hour. Then I called United. The best they could do was change my afternoon direct flight to Chicago to a night flight to Vegas with a 5 hour layover, and a red eye to Chicago arriving at 4:47 AM the next day! It was horrible, I missed the first day of the conference I was going to, and, no one was able to pick me up…so I took a train to a bus and then walk to my friend Mari’s sister’s apartment at 5 AM…and, it was already 90% and extremely humid. That is my experience in a nutshell.

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