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So After This Semester I May Be On Tour

Well, I have got to drive my car back to California anyways. Everyone will be on summer break. Why not tour across the country???

I threw the idea and around to see what would happen…and I think this is gonna work!!

As of now there are 5 of us for sure, and a couple of maybes…

It will be fellow singer songwriters Whitney McCombs and Karissa Klauser and then the boys who play everything, Joe Casey and Chris Murphy! They are all amazing and I am pretty sure will be a great travel group!!!

LAST NIGHT, we had our first practice Tour Band Practice!!!!!

We have some cover ideas, and we are working through instrumentation…It is quite possible Whitney and I will have to play some bass during eachothers songs!!!! Wish us luck!!!

Other possibilities are Tyler Sutphen, Alex Kruser, and Evan Scott…

As of now, if everyone came, this is who we think it would work.


We will have two cars, mine and Karissa’s (Karissa needs to drive hers to Colorado.)

Switching Lead Guitarists

Alex will come with us to Chicago and play lead guitar, and we will drop him off at home. Then tyler will fly out to meet us in Wisconsin, and take over lead guitar from there.

Switching Drummers (learning bass)

For the first part, Chris will play drums, which means Whitney and I will have to play bass. Then, in Chicago, Evan will meet us and he will drum from there, and Whitney and I will be relieved of our bassing duties.

The rest of the Instruments

Whitney and I will play acoustic, Karissa will play keys, and Joe will play banjo and mandolin….

Then at the end everyone will fly home

We’ve got some big dreams. Next, we just need people to commit for sure, and we’ll go from there….

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