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Showing the Band Around the Hometown…Show at The Red Door

After introducing most of the band to California via Slab City, we made our way over to Orange County. As we made our way in, it was foggy, cold, and cloudy; everything that Orange County is not supposed to be. But the next day, Monday, was much better. It was nice and sunny and we drove down PCH from Newport Beach to San Clemente (when I go to school to my home town.) Before the show, we had a new cover idea that we pulled together to be our closer of the night. The show was at my home church, Capo Beach Calvary, in the Red Door.

We had a great turnout full of old high school friends, church friends, family, and friends  of friends. It was so fun to finally play for everyone after being gone so long!

After the show, we crashed my dad’s show, which was a corporate party for General Mills, yes the serial. We almost got kicked out a few times, but we successfully avoided it. We also met tons of people and got to make up fake jobs.

Here we are twisting…

And shouting…

After this party, we went to YOGURTLAND! There, we tried to explain to some of my friends and family what we had been up to the past few months, and specifically the past few weeks. It was, and is, so hard to describe all of our adventures.

We found ourselves describing the couch burning of the night before in great detail….

Tuesday morning we went to the banana stand on Balboa Island in honor of Arrested Development.

Then we went to San Clemente pier.

Then I introduced the band to Taco Tuesday. Apparently, no one else has Taco Tuesday! I just can’t understand why, it makes so much sense.

In conclusion, the introduction to my home included: Red Door, my family, my dad’s band, almost getting kicked out of somewhere, Frozen yogurt, Balboa bars, San Clemente Pier, Taco Tuesday, and amazing friends….Ya that’s about right.

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