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Rocks and Drama

A beautiful day in the Rockies using rocks as tripods.

We love Karissa and Colorado.

After this lovely outing we had our first and only band drama. And drama is an overstatement. Here’s what happened. We had a second show booked for tonight at the same venue we played last night.

Pros: the venue was cool, and it was another show for the tour.

Cons: we would have to repack the car at midnight in the ghetto, no one was going to watch us play, and we would have to drive through the night after (we would have to drive through the night at one point, but not necessarily tonight.)

Whitney and I wanted to play the show, and had no desire to cancel on the venue’s owner who was so nice to us and paid us for last night’s gig. Joe and Chris wanted to cancel, stay at Chris’ family friends’ house in Colorado Springs, and go to Garden of the Gods in the morning.

No one was ever mad, it was simply a bit of a debate. The debate quickly changed to being about making the other people happy. We weren’t sure how to proceed and then Joe decided we should call my mom to decide for us.

This is because she is not any ordinary mom, she has been our acting booking assistant, promoter, fan, etc. And now our band councilor.

She told us we needed to let the venue decide. We called explain we had another offer in another city, but would never want to leave them hangin, so if they at all needed us we would be happy to play, but if they were doing us the favor, we were really grateful but we may move to the next town. The owner was super relaxed and said he had enough bands for the night and hopes we come back soon.

So we left, and that was the end of the band drama.

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