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Recording Marathon

Tonight we had a recording marathon…We tracked about two full songs in our non stop 6 and half hour session. We won’t have enough time to fully mix and master them in Nashville, but the amazing Joel Maze, is going to finish them in Ohio over the summer 🙂

None of us can believe how much we got done. We tracked all of the song I cowrote with Joe Casey, “Street Signs and Yellow Lines,” as well as most of my song, “Hope.” None of it would have been possible with out the amazing recording technician and skills and bass playing of Joel Maze, drumming of Evan Scott, lap steel playing of Alex Kruser, backing vocals of Jalissa Gascho, electirc guitar playing and backing vocals of Chris Murphy, and the acoustic guitar and mandolin playing, backing vocals, and the arranging and cowriting skills of Joe Casey.

Tonight was Superteam at its best. I will post the songs as they are finished 🙂

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