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Photo Shoot at Nathan Lee's Warehouse

Today was my photo shoot at Nathan Lee’s Warehouse. Nathan Lee is an amazing singer/songwriter who resides in Nashville in possibly the most well-decorated warehouse ever. We met him and saw his amazing warehouse the first week of school and I wished I could take pictures there. So, today was exciting for me.

Zach Wolfe of Zach Wolfe and the Coyotes, Joe Casey, my manager, and myself had to be at the warehouse at 11am sharp. That is not exactly what happened, but there is a story behind that. In apartment 209, there is a bathroom door that often misbehaves. In fact, just about every time I am over there I have to make sure I have my phone so I can call someone to let me out. This morning, Joe got ready in that very bathroom with no phone…so as Zach and I repetitively called Joe to come outside, we were unable to communicate. Eventually, Zach went in busted open the door, and we were on our way. And yes, this is the exact explanation we gave to Warren and Nathan about why we were late.

Anyways, here is a bit of what came out of the shoot.

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