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Made It To Canton,Ohio… Just As Our Show Began

Today was crazy. It began in Upland, IN. We loaded up and drove to Bucyrus, OH to pick up our fourth and final missing bandmate, Whitney McCombs!

Ohio is so beautiful! I had never been here before until I played at Malone University in March. And now two more Ohio shows in two days! This is crazy! I have only spent 3 days of my life in Ohio and everyday spent I played a show. I love Ohio!

And  we have our “Hope” sign on the driver’s side window, courtesy of Alex Kruser (my lead guitarist all semester who was unable to embark on this adventure).

After grabbing Whitney, stopping by the tractor supply store to get zip ties to tie some of our belongings to the roof, we were off.

We were supposed to begin our set at 7pm sharp at the CD release party of The Great Seal.

It was 5 o’clock and we were 2 hours and 12 minutes away (according to the GPS.)

We rolled up right at 7. Another band ended up opening the night. We had just enough time to freshen up, and then we were on. We had not played with Whitney in a week! but everything turned out alright 🙂

Joel, who was my recording engineer this semester played bass! Another full CMC band.

And Joel’s lovely lady, Deanna, took our photos.

The friends that drove from different parts of Ohio and Illinois to show their support 🙂

After the show, we all reminisced about our semester as if it was years ago….it has been 6 days.

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