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It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

Last night was our last night at CMC as well as my 21st birthday.

I can’t believe CMC is over. We are now alumni.

Luckily, I will see about half of our classmates at some point in the next 3 weeks during the Cali Bound Tour. That made for about half as many goodbyes. I think that is the only reason I was able to hold it together.

Here is our class photo.

That evening we all met up for our “last supper” actually on the last supper before Easter.

Meredith Carter, roomie, and creator of Stealing Hollywood, and Whitney McCombs, roomie, and bandmate on the Cali Bound Summer Tour.

Vinyl Brunette family photo at dinner.

Girls of our band Vinyl Brunette.

Saying goodbye to Joel, my amazing recording engineer and friend. (even though I will see him in a few days when he plays bass with us in Ohio.)

At supper we watched our music videos, talked about the semester, and spent some quality time as a group. After, we had a party at my apartment. Followed by afterparty at one of the other apartments. It was a good last night. The program is now officially over.

So what did we do on our first day as CMC alumni?

Our band, Vinyl Brunette, spent the day recording at Steve Leiwiki’s studio! This was followed by an evening with our professors Rick Elias and Warren Pettit. We played music, talked music; today did not feel different from any day in the program. This is awesome!

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