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I Know It's Suprising, But In Nashville We Write and Record Music and Go to Country Concerts!

Music update…My manager Joe Casey, Engineer Joel Maze, and myself have spent this week working on Master number 2, “Open Up Your Eyes”

Master number one was a success and a blast to record! We finished it this past Monday! “Places We’ll Go” was the first song I worte in Nashville! And after spending many hours listening to it over and over, we still wanted to keep listening…I think thats a good sign…

Click on the link below to listen!

Written by: Kylie Campion Produced by: Joe Casey, Joel Maze, and Kylie Campion Engineered by: Joel Maze

Kylie Campion: lead vocal, acoustic guitar Joe Casey: banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar Chris Belcher:drums Chris Murphy:bass Alex Kruser:electric guitar Tyler Sutphen: backgorund vocals…and Gang Vocals and random percussion: Evan Scott, Audrey Claire, Tyler Sutphen, Alex Kruser, Chris Belcher, Joe Casey, and Kylie Campion

Sidenote: the gangvocals were really fun to record!

I am in the process of finishing/arranging two new songs for the show next week!

One is titled, “Hope” and the other I am cowriting with my manager, Joe, and it is titled, “Street Signs and Yellow Lines.”

Also, tonight, I saw Brad Paisley in Concert…He rocks!

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