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House of Blues. Hollywood. LA Day.

Today Weds, May 11th, was the last show of Tour. It was also Whitney’s last day. And like a rockstar, she played the show and went straight to the airport because she had to play in Ohio the next day.

Today we did many things. One thing we did not plan on was taking a long hike right before the show at House of Blues.

The day began with our drive to LA. I am not the best LA driver, and by not the best I mean a stressed out mess. There is just something about that city. Well, it was stressing everyone else out too, so after a while we pulled over, Joe took the wheel, and suddenly a sense of peace overtook the car.

Anyways, we went on a hunt for the Hollywood sign because we wanted to take some pictures, and just see it of course. It was much more of a journey than we intended….

We drove to the highest point that you can drive, so then it seemed that if we walked a little bit we would be close enough. As we walked we would stop, take a picture, and then decided since we are almost there, maybe we should go a little closer. We did this over and over until we had gone beyond everywhere you are allow and started trespassing….

By the end we were all gross and sweaty for our show, but it was worth it, and it was a fun hike (well except that ti was like 90 degrees)

After the Hollywood sign, we met up with our new featured bassist Jude Wright. We didn’t have a practice space, so we had an acoustic rehearsal in his van. It was the coolest van ever with nice carpeting and closely resembled the mystery mobile. He caught on right away and we were thoroughly impressed. We were pretty bummed we didn’t find him until our last show.

Then we went over the the House of Blues….And here we are.

It didn’t really hit any of us that it was our last show until the last song. We ended on “Summer” it was both sad and awesome.

We’ve come so far, both literally across the country, and musically, and now were all used to living together in a car.

We dropped off Whitney at the airport after the show.

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