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The morning after the show, “CMC Live 1,” we had game tape. This will be our Friday routine. Just like a football team, we watched the show and critiqued everything. Warren, our director, Tom, the Executive professor, Rick, the Songwriting professor, and Marcus, the Tech professor all sat down and gave all of their comments; both positive and negative. I am intimidated, but also excited to get real feedback about myself as a writer and performer. All any of us have ever experienced before is people telling us we’re great. That’s what got us here. Now it is time to get the real stuff, no more sugarcoating.

After game tape, it was time to start on the next week. I was chosen to open the show and went straight to practice. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each artist performing that week has a 1 hour timeslot to prepare for “Hammertime” on Monday. At “Hammertime” each act gets up onstage and performs a portion of their songs while Tom and Warren give their input on what needs to change before the show on Thursday. And dang, do they know their stuff. When a band gets up on stage, after about a minute of their song, Warren will stop them and tell them, what is wrong with the drums, bass, guitar, keys, overall feel, everything. I am seriously amazed by how much he can pick apart in such a short amount of time.

Here is what HammerTime looks like…

Band on stage.

Tom and fellow peers watching.

Warren telling us what to do different…

I am not very good at candid pictures… I just smile and pretend the person next to me is the camera…but this is me and my manager, Joe.

Then every Monday night we have community dinner and community time.

Here we are in the lounge at community time.

Then we watch a movie that will be the topic of lecture the following day.

Then we spend Tuesday and Wednesday in classes and preparing for the show on Thursday.

So, now it’s Thursday, and the show is tonight!!!

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