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Going to Church on Sunday, Getting into Trouble on Monday, And Then Playing A Bunch of Shows

Sunday I went to The Village Chapel in Nashville. If and when I move here, I will most likely go there. It was simple, not showy, and just seemed real. No one was trying to put on a show, it was church. My favorite song of the day was Jesus, All For Jesus by Robin Mark.

Church was followed by tacos and frozen yogurt, and then grassin’ it at the Parthenon. Grassin’ it, is a term some of my hometown friends made up. You could say, “hey do you wanna go grassin’ it today?” It can be defined as: the act of grabbing a book and a blanket and going somewhere grassy to read with your friends. You don not really talk while you are reading, but when you are done, you discuss what you read with your friends.

Monday, I hung out with Vinyl Brunette. Every Monday night all of the students at CMC watch a movie that is to be discussed in class Tuesday morning.  At dinner, we decided it would be a good idea to watch our weekly movie at the apartment, instead of in the room with 32 people and 2 couches. We thought it would benefit everyone to have fewer bodies in the room.

Soon after we  started watching the movie, we received a call to come back because everyone thought we were ditching the movie. Evan took a picture on his phone of the movie playing on our TV screen at the apartment for proof. Our director Warren came, we explained that we downloaded the movie and showed him the picture of us watching it. After we proved ourselves to be good students, no one could really say anything else, and then it was awkwardly comical.

Today, we practiced and prepared for all of the shows we have coming up. Tanaka is playing at 12th and Porter on Tuesday the 19th, & Vinyl Brunette is playing a showcase for all of our professors’ industry friends on the Friday the 15th!

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