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Getting Ready for Two Tours! When I Have Never Even Been On One!

So now, we have practices with Vinyl Brunette for the tour we are doing with school, and we are starting to prepare for the tour this Summer! This is soo cool and crazy!

For summer, it sounds like it is gonna work with Whitney, Karissa, Chris, Joe, and I!!!!! I don’t know what we are going to do for our sixth person, but all the others are still up in the air.

Anyways, last night was magical.

After all of our hectic things figuring out this Spring Tour, and not making people mad or feel neglected or anything, its been kind of a stressful week. But what is great is no matter what happens on this tour, we have another tour after!!!!!!!!

So, last night we just sat around in the main room by the stage, and just played music and sang.

It started with Chris, Whitney, and I. Then Joe joined us. Then Karissa. Then Alex and Evan.

We palyed damien rice, the shins, radiohead, iron and wine, and so many great songs. It was so relaxing and great.

Alex and Ev.

Chris and me and my cowboy boots.

Then, Whit, Karissa, Joe, Chris, and I went to ihop. It was great.

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