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Getting Critiqued Right and Left, But It Is Going Pretty Swell

Today was full of critiques. This morning, we had our songs critiqued by a panel of music industry professionals, assembled by our songwriting professor. Meanwhile, the executive class spent their morning critiquing the pictures from our personality photo shoots.

Both went better than I expected. My photos were complimented, and I got some great advice from the panel. They told me that I should start pitching my songs to get them in movies and television.

After class, our professor asked me if I would give him permission to pass on my song to one of the panel judges, because he wanted to show it to shop it around a bit. I am not sure what exactly will come of this, but it is flattering nonetheless.

Our professors are putting on a show for their industry friends this Friday. The show is called “Live For Friends”. Vinyl Brunette has been chosen to do two songs. We are going to do Ashley’s song, “Henderson’s Girl,” and I was hoping to switch from my main tour song, “Hope” to my latest recording, “Summer”. Our professors said we could do “Summer”, if, we could play it as well as we played “Hope” by the end of our 9-day midwest tour….

We only practiced for a few days, but all of us were really excited about preforming “Summer” together again before we leave CMC. Tonight was our try-out, to see if “Summer” was up to par… Not only did our director Warren like it, he decided that we should also preform it tomorrow for Amy Grant, to open for her private show she was coming to play for us tomorrow!

This has been an amazing day!

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