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Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday Girls' Day

Today my bandmate Ashley Wright and I had a girls’ day out in Nashville.

It started at the Gaylord Hotel….The indoor waterfalls look just like Costa Rica!

Then Frozen yogurt at the gardens of the Parthenon. (picture complete with Ash’s boot which we named Olga)

Next, we went to Bluebird Cafe. It wasn’t open yet, so we explored a nearby camera shop and antique store. Then when we came back the line was super long, so we decided to go back on Sunday. But here it is, a true hole in the wall.

We then went to dinner at Kalamata, the awesome Greek place in Brentwood. On Fridays they have live Greek music.

Then, we chased the sunset.

Once the sun was set, we went to target or got dessert, hair dye, and movies.

Girl day was a success.

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