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Friday, Freeday, Gotta Get Down On Friday Freeday in Chicago

With all of our 5am call times…sometimes we have to sleep on the bus.

Early morning pictures, right after waking up 🙂

Thursday, we were welcomed to Chicago by some Chicago deepdish pizza. Then we went to Wheaton College and put on our 3rd show. Today, we had our FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY free day in Chicago.

We started out in Wheaton, a suburb outside of Chicago. This is Joe’s (my manager and bandmate) hometown, so he showed us around. We all got lunch at Portello’s, went to the local candy shop, and then took the train to the city.

Ash and I on the train 🙂

Bean Pics

Group bean pic. Complete with Tanaka, our main lighting man, Zach Wolfe, of Zach Wolfe and the Coyotes, Joe, Chris, Me and Ashley of Vinyl Brunette.

After this, we explored, went out to dinner, ended up at Joe’s sister Emily’s house for some music playing, and then we took the 12:40 train back to Wheaton. Now it is 2:30, I am going to bed, and I have to be ready to go at 4:20 am….so…Goodnight.

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