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Beyond all of the crazy music stuff here, I am also an AL, Apartment Liaison. Being an AL is like being an RA, but better. There are four of us, one from each apartment, and we go out to lunch with out residence life director, John, once a week and talk about the community. Pretty much, it is free food and an awesome time.

Today I went to our weekly AL lunch, and it sparked so many thoughts.

We realized that most of us are incapable of having conversations about anything other than music.

It turns out that many of us hide behind our music with each other the way we hide behind our instruments on stage. Let me explain. Instead of getting to know each other, we ONLY talk about music. Whenever we have free time, someone says, “Hey I wrote a new song today. Wanna hear it?” There are a good amount of people here that I know very little about, except for what I have learned through their songs.

In life, Christian people are excited to meet other awesome Christian people, musicians are excited to meet other awesome musicians, and so it goes for anyone and their life’s passion. And here we are, a group of Christian musicians, surrounded by awesome Christian musicians. Many of us were so excited to be surrounded by people who understand them, I think we forgot to learn the fundamentals about each other.

But these fundaments are fundamental parts of friendship.

So, tonight, I shared these thoughts with one of my roommates, AnnaMarie. She is an amazing singer/songwriter from Indiana. Tonight was the first warm night we have had since our arrival, so we spend most of the night walking around outside in our apartment complex. We had so much great conversation. One thing we discussed is how much we’ve grown thus far. I can’t believe how much I have already learned about writing, self-confidence, performing, and where I want to go with my music. It was such a wonderful way to end my thought provoking day.

This is Anna Marie.

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