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Carmageddon Weddin

This weekend was supposed to be Carmageddon. People have been talking about for weeks. The 405 freeway is to be closed for the weekend for construction. People are supposed to not leave the house unless it is completely necessary, and if they must, leave 4-6 hours ahead. The news has made it all around America (I really don’t understand why…there will be traffic in LA, what does that possibly have to do with all the other states?) Anyways, this wedding, the wedding that I am so excited to play at, is in the heart of LA on Saturday of Carmageddon.

So, I left a few hours early. There was basically no traffic and I got there super early. I’m not sure if they made too big  a deal out of it, or if it would have been a big deal but they scared everyone out of driving. Anyways, I got there, it was a beautiful wedding, I played “Sail Away” for their first dance, and it was a lot of fun!

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