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Boom Goes The Dynomite…

Today, we had a rehearsal for tour, but not for our music. It was for our chatter between songs. If you are not a musician, you probably don’t think this would be necessary. If you are a musician, you have most likely said something stupid on stage during an unplanned pause when you had to stall for time.

We had to get on stage play the end of our song, and then talk to the audience and start our next song. Warren sat in the audience and judged us. For some reason, he was extra intimidating today. I have never been an expert at talking between songs. This was a deathly combination. As I watched everyone stare at me, everything I wanted to say somehow got jumbled. It made no sense. And, instead of saying something along the lines of, “feel free to come find us and talk to us after the show,” I said, “Come feel us after the show.” I looked at my bandmates. On one side I had Chris, Jalissa, and Ashley, all looking at me full of hope as if to say, “dont worry, you can come back from this.” Then I looked on my other side to Joe, Alex, and Evan, their looks said something more like, “I am embarrassed for you, You have DERAILED.” Anyways, not my most shining moment, but definitely a memorable one. Everyone has been quoting me all day.

If you have not seen the youtube video, ” Boom Goes The Dynamite ,” that is what today was like….

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