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Band Name for CMC Spring Tour-Vinyl Brunette

So after the show last night, I had a late night recording session from 1-4 AM. But, no one came in for the next session, so Joel and I recorded until 6:30 AM!

So, when we left, the sun was already up…Band pictures were in a few hours, so like a true rockstar, I slept in last night’s show outfit, and took band pictures in it today.

They did not do picks of our whole band, just Ashley and I

And somehow we have ended up with the name Vinyl Brunette. It just kind of happened, after name searching with Joe, stumbling upon the word Vinyl, and then today somehow Brunette got thrown in…So now, we are Vinyl Brunette.

Here’s a few pics from the photoshoot…They aren’t really edited yet and they have green screen background…

This one is kind of weird, but it currently a poster option…

This is also an option…I like this one 🙂

This is weird but for some reason, I just love it!!!

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