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Back in School, and I Would Say Back in the Swing of Things, But There Has Never Really Been a Swing

We have reviewed tour, talked about final projects, our third masters are due soon, April is going to be a crazy month!

And on top of all of that, it is time to start really practicing for the Summer Cali Bound Tour, and working out the details.

Tour is now officially 4 people, 1 car. Myself, Whitney McCombs, Joe Casey, and Chris Murphy in my 2003 Toyota Highlander.

And we have currently named ourselves, TANAKA, after the Tech we all know and love Josh Tanaka.

This week I have been working on my website with Evan Scott, making finishing touches to the soon to be released, “Summer” recording, and getting ready for up coming shows with Vinyl Brunette, The Band Tanaka, and a mixture of the two.

Today, I adventured with Tanaka bandmate, Whitney McCombs and fellow singer/songwriter AnnaMarie Hosei.

We went searching for Jack White wife’s vintage store. It turned out that it closed, but we did find an awesome coffee shop, Bongo Java, where they do the awesome swirly leaves on your drink.

As well as another vintage shop, and the weirdest souvenir shop of our lives. Here we are out front.

Whitney and I.

And AnnaMarie and I.

Then I had a late night recording session.

Tomorrow, I am doing my personality photo shoot at Nathan Lee’s Warehouse! Can’t Wait!

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