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Back in Nash

We all made it back to Nashville where it all began for a fun and music filled week.

Monday, the first day we were all together, we practiced, and then played at 12th and Porter!

Cool shot by Evan Scott from the drums.

We played MGMT’s “Kids,”

Songs we’d played together many times before

And some that we learned that day.

Overall it was a really fun night!

Then we stayed in our old apartment,

Drove around in a van with no seats

Went to our favorite resurants…like Mc Dougal’s

Got a family photo at Jackson’s

Went to bars

Recorded a demo of my new song “Home” but had a hard time without our amazing engineer, Joel Maze,

Caught up with our awesome professors, like Tom Willett

And of course, played more shows.

Then I was back off to California.

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