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Asbury University…Playin in Kentucky is Dangerous, You Could Break An Ankle

Our final show of tour is tonight, but for some reason it already feels like a dream. When we finished our show in Kentucky last night, we drove through the night back to Nashville. So, this morning I woke up slightly sleep deprived, but in my own bed. Hence the whole dream feeling.

I forgot tot take pictures yesterday, luckily some fellow CMCers kept on caturing moments.

So I’ve got bandmate Evan and I talking after the show…

Followed by bandmate Ash creating a new moment…

And best of all…the is a picture of the most epic game of Ninja ever. (for those of you that don’t know Ninja is a common camp or youthgroup game. It has been defined on Yahoo answers as, “so pretty much you are in a circle or whatever and one person starts by making a sudden move to try to touch your hand now, that person cannot move until his/her next turn. As he/she tries to tag your hand you need to try to move your hand so it doesn’t get tagged. Then it is your turn and if your hand is touched you are out.” If you are still confused, google it, there are also instructional videos)

Now that we have thoroughly discussed Ninja, I’ll explain what made this particular game so memorable.  Basically, the game separated into two groups, and Vinyl Brunette’s Ashley Wright, jumped across from where she is in this picture to where I am and broke her ankle!

Last night we thought it was a sprain, but yes it is broken and now she will play our final show of tour with her knee high medical boot. What a trooper.

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