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A Vinyl Brunette Day Out

We, as in my bandmates Ashley, Joe, Alex, Evan and myself, also know as Vinyl Brunette, started off the morning at Charlie Bob’s.

What better to do on Spring Break  than go out to breakfast!

Being that two out of the five of us are photographers (Ashley and Evan), are everyday lives are often well documented…


waiting for our food.

eating our food.

Joe and his love/obsession with hot sauce.

and, laughing.

After breakfast, we had high hopes of finding a place to go camping…Not only was it the ugliest day we had seen in a while, but the “campsites” were just patches of grass on the side of the freeway…It was a truly saddening sight.

Next, we went to go pick up the Evan’s subs for his car that the five of us had dropped off to get repaired right before tour…As we pulled up to the repairman’s house, we realized that this guy was going to think we were eachother’s only friends because we travel in a pack. It really shouldn’t take 5 people to drop off and pick up speakers. However, it turned out that he knew we were in a band…I guess we just give off that vibe or something.

This led to Ashley and I planning out our TV show titled, Vinyl Brunette. It would be like Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

This was followed by a fair amount a driving around town and listening to great tunes and a stop at GoodWill where I found an awesome dress for $7. I think I am going to wear it to the CMC Grammy’s!

Then we went to The Frothy Monkey for Banana Hot Chocolate….I highly recommend it

Then we made dinner, and decided to stay in and not go to the DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL concert. We decided to save our money for better things, like meeting Taylor Swift. Then, we found out from friends that were at the concert, that  they were hanging with Taylor Swift because she was there in the audience rockin out to Dashboard…

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