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A Beautiful Weekend (But First, A Near Death Experience)

It started with a 13 hour over night bus ride. In the middle of the night the bus lost 2 wheels, almost tipped over, and skidded into the middle of the road in the middle of NOWHERE! after two hours it was repaired but I was sitting on the second level of the bus, and it was real scary up there….

The next morning, we had a skidding and swerving episode, to avoid an accident.

Finally we made it out alive.

And we went to a Mate factory. It felt like going in a time machine to the beginning of the Industrial revolution.

It was really cool there tho.

Then we went to Iguazu National Park, where we met the coatis… they are half racoon half anteater. We thought they were cute at first, but they ended up surrounding us and being the most scary/obnoxious animals we had ever encountered.

Then finally I got to see one of the world wonders, Iguazu Falls. The waterfalls that are so big they take over the border of Argetnina, Brazil, and Paraguay

It was truly a beautiful weekend filled with rainbows, butterflies, and waterfalls.

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