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4 Friends 3 Weeks 2 Much Stuff and 1 Toyota Highlander…We Are Officially on Tour!

All of the planning, booking, practicing, and mock-packs of the car, have finally paid off! We are now officially on tour! I never knew I would be this excited to get to Indiana!

We arrived at our first destination, Upland, Indiana at midnight on the 23rd. We planned to leave at noon. At promptly 5:41PM, we were on the road. For now, it is just Joe Casey, Chris Murphy, and myself, until we pick up Whitney McCombs in Ohio in a few days.

Joe will be playing drums, Chris will be playing lead guitar, and Whitney and myself will switch off playing acoustic guitar/singing lead and playing tamborine/harmonica/singing BGVs. For most of our shows we have a bassist lined up, however, if something falls through, Whitney and I will also being playing bass….

Our stops will be Nashville, TN. Upland, IN. Canton, OH. Akron, OH. Chicago, IL. La Crosse, WI. Mt. Rushmore, SD. Denver, CO. Grand Canyon, AZ. Niland (aka Slab City), CA. Orange County, CA. and Los Angeles, CA!

This is what the car looks like.

And this is all of the food our friends donated to us…well gave to us because they were leaving and were gonna throw it away anyways…but nonetheless we really appreciate it 🙂

And don’t worry, we have enough Peanut Butter to last a lifetime.

This is our second tour in one month, and before this I had never been on any tour at all. This is great. The last tour, the CMC Spring Tour 2011, was funded by The Contemporary Music Center. This time, we are funding our own tour. This means, things are going to run a little differently….

Instead of a tour bus, we have 1 Toyota highlander. Instead of getting awesome sleep on the bus, we are trying to follow my often misbehaving GPS and not get lost. Instead of hotels, we are sleeping on friends’ floors and couches. Instead of being promoted by the colleges we play at, we promote ourselves at the bars and various venues we are playing. We pay for our gas. We pay for our food. But it is gonna be awesome!!!!

Sunday, Easter Sunday, Chris woke up in the morning. He tired to wake Joe and I up, but it was not a success. I got up around noon, and Joe woke up at 3pm.  We were so tired from the semester, we layed around the house all day and then made ramen and shrimp for Easter Supper, washed it down with some Coor’s Lite, then went back to bed. Wow, what a boy Easter.

Monday, the 25th we went to Walmart, so I could get to know Indiana. We bought way to much ½ price easter candy.

Eventually we had band practice in tailors music building.

Big show is TOMORROW! Wish us luck!

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