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3 and half months. 32 students. music 24/7.

Saturday was move in day. That night I met my 31 classmates for the semester. Some of them will be in my band for shows. One will be my manager. One will be my recording technician. I am now living in a house of music minded people. I am so excited and nervous. I have never even tried to imagine what it would be like to live with only people who share the two most important things in my life; Faith and Music. And now, that is my reality. This is our school!

The spiral staircase leading to the stage…which is pretty awesome unless you are trying to walk carrying a guitar in a dress and heels…

The Stage… 

And my apartment is directly across the street…

I live in an apartment with 8 girls. 4 of us are Artists, 3 are Executives, and 1 is a Technician. We spent our first night playing songs for each other. A house of musicians, this is so cool. We have already turned out dining room into a band room!

Our first night we had a welcome show featuring some of our professors and alumni. Oh, and Kelly Clarkson.

Here is our songwriting professor, Rick Elias.

And Jill and Kate and Kelly Clarkson!

Sunday was our first full day at our new home, The Contemporary Music Center, which is commonly known as the CMC. WE woke up that morning to attend “CHURCH” with our professors. We listened to amazing music, heard some profound quotes from different writers and artists, and 2 of our professors told us about how they find God. By “find God,” I mean see God, through things such as physics and beauty.

Sunday was full of overwhelming amounts of information, but I have never left an Orientation more excited (or intimidated.) That day we found out the artists (like myself) had to preform a showcase on Tuesday. We had one day to prepare 2 songs. We were alphabetically paired with an executive, that we had to meet with so that they could introduce us. Monday I met with the executive that would introduce me, Joe Casey. I told him a little bit about myself, played him a few songs, and then decided to preform “Sail Away With Me,” and “Take a Chance” at the show.

The point of the show is for the professors and executives to see what they have to work with. And after the show the executives will meet, talk about us, and then decide which of us they want to manage for the semester. So, essentially, we have to sell ourselves to everyone with two songs, and I had to close out the  show. Therefore, I chose my song, “Take a Chance” because it is a lighthearted goofy song asking the listener, boy, and now executive to “Take a Chance With Me.”

Here’s a pic from the showcase. 

I think it went pretty good. But I will have to wait and see what everyone else thought….

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