Then a Spontaneous Trip to Vegas

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After our nap at the Grand Canyon, we were going to stay the night and camp. But first, we left the park to go out for lunch. As we were at lunch we started talking about how funny it would be to just leave and make a spontaneous trip to Vegas. None of us had ever been as 21 year olds, and we thought we owed ourselves something nice for sleeping in a car in Flagstaff, AZ the night before. Soon after this conversation, we booked ourselves at the Stratosphere via Priceline, and were on our way.

We checked in, showered and decided that we were going to see the whole strip.

Since the Stratosphere is on one end we decided that we would walk into every glamorous looking place down the entire strip. And we did.

This guy took a photoshoot of/for us in front of the MGM lion cage (even though the lions were sleeping and not visible.)

We gambled about a dollar each. (We are poor musicians with literally no money.)

Then we ended out adventure at Del Taco. This picture looks pretty bad, but in reality, since we had no money, there really wasn’t much drinking involved, just a bunch of poor tired kids.

So, we are at the farthest possible point on the strip from our hotel. We were all anti getting taxis. So we walked, and walked, and walked. We had walked over 3 and a half miles there, so when when arrived at the hotel we had walked over 7 miles! By the end of the walk, we were walking in a semi angry silence at how much our feet hurt. It was a good sleep that night.

The next morning, we laid by the pool, got some lunch, and were on our way to Slab City, California.

Welcome to California...Well, Slab City
Spent the Night in the Car in Flagstaff to Go to the Grand Canyon and We Couldn't Even Find It

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