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"Take a moment and think to yourself, about what all of your friends at home are doing right no

This is what our professor and Director of CMC would say to us from time to time. He wanted us to remember what school was like, full of tests and papers, so that we could basque in the glory of where we are now.

For class we have things like “Demo Derby,” where we had to record 5 live demos in 30 mins.

We have a class called “Inside the Music Industry” where learn priceless knowledge from the amazing Tom Willett.

We have song writing class with Rick Elias…which is always amazing and entertaining.

We have special topic classes, such as guitar clinic, where we learn how to EQ our guitars, as well as which of our guitars are good for live performance and/or studio recording.

Here we are learning from Warren…

There’s my baby…front and center.

We had a vocal coach come in this week. I know nothing about vocal training, so it was fun to learn a few things.

We even had Jerry and Miles McPherson come in to our studio and and record on one of our classmate’s songs. Jerry has played guitar for just about everyone in Nashville, from Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, and Dolly Parton, to The Civil Wars, and Miles currently tours with Kelly Clarkson. There are awesome!

here we are watching…

and here’s Jerry

And that is a week in the life…

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