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Most Important Show of the Semester, the Electricity Goes Out, And I am Forced to Entertain in the D

Today was the “Live For Friends” show. Basically, it was a show for all of the music industry professionals that are friends of our professors at CMC. It was for our professors to show us off, as well as get our names and music out in Nashville. The show consisted of Zach Wolfe and the Coyotes, Tavis Lane and the Skylyne, and my band, Vinyl Brunette.

There have been some crazy storms this week, including today, the day of the big show.

As we were in the greenroom aka backstage I told a few friends that I was going to say as little as possible in between songs, because I did not want another “Come feel us” or “Boom Goes the Dynamite” day.

Our set was “Henderson’s Girl” and “Summer.”

Playin harmonica

As we were on the last chorus of “Henderson’s Girl”, the electricity went out. We finished out the song even though we were no longer playing through any of the speakers. The song ended and I was supposed to talk for a moment. But, we had to wait for the electricity for a few minutes, and I was the one entertaining.

I introduced our band, talked about our songs, and right before things were about to go bad, Evan whispered to me from the drums, “talk them about your tour.”

Suddenly, I had a huge audience to whom I got to explain how much fun the CMC tour was, and how I had gone on to plan my own tour for the summer. It went great, and then the lights came on, and then we had quite possibly our best performance yet.

After the show, I got to talk to many of the guests. Most asked for more details about the tour I was planning, it was a great icebreaker.

In conclusion, Live for Friends was a success, and God is funny; I asked if I could speak as little as possible, and ended up entertaining for a whole electricity outage.

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